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just finished this one the other night. I would like to sell it for $45, but first make high quality prints to sell at $10 each. Bossman is setting me up with access to wholesale printing which will be a lot lighter on my wallet. I want these prints to be the best possible. I can't wait to begin selling and giving these babies away. If all goes according to plan, I want to do a big animal series. all 6X6. Zebras, antelope, whales, rhinos, hippos, etc

in other news, I'm living in Geneseo for the summer. & it's fucking awesome. Everyone told me I'd regret my decision, but not at all. I finally love my job. I love my house. I love my friends, though some of my new favorites are already done with their 6 week summer courses (HOW DID SIX WEEKS GO BY). I'm going to the Jazz festival tonight to dance with Arielle &&&& tomorrow hopefully see Toy Story 3 with mr. Argennaaaa.

I'm currently reading a book about love (All About Love by Bell Hooks) it was lent to me by an old lover (god i hate that word, but we never dated....so what am i supposed to call that). btw that kid could totally use a re-read. Anyways it has me thinking about love and what it means to me, have i ever been in love, etc. Avery & I debate "love" weekly. I'm totally losing that debate, i think in general i need to become more proactive about my opinions. Avery's a kid who really puts deep thought into each meaningful aspect of his life, and i envy him for that.

I'm at work now. i've got a bag of stuff for winston, including my favorite cardigan that he asked to borrow. let's see if he comes to get it before he leaves. hey, if not...I still get my favorite cardigan for keeps :)

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