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semester reflecting

Home seems more precious every time i come back here. The last two weeks have been socially and academically stressful & I needed this break.

The semester has been going well though. I fell in love with drawing naked people--finally! something I'm good at! The figure drawing final is to draw a life size naked self portrait. If that's not intimidating, I don't know what is.

I have a comfortable schedule, a lot of breaks for naps. Every Thursday I go to radio with Lily for 2 hours and then drink wine with Joe shortly after. I spend my Friday and Saturday nights in the company of Emily, Sean, and John. We drink too much vino and eat too much cheese.

I've made a lot of close friends this semester, but lost a few too. One of my housemates no longer lives with me and that's taken some adjustment...Next year should be fun though...me, mel, em, and marie. I've been really upset all semester that lily is leaving. I'm worried she won't visit, 6 hours is quite a trip.

I've only been home for 5 days and I'm ready for Geneseo again. I shocked my aunts last night by telling them that I could be comfortable living in the country for the rest of my life. I just love it.
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